welcome to gw2lunchbox. these are a collection of mostly api tools i made to make my day to day gw2 experience a little more lazy/informed. feel free to use it as well :)
Black Lion Hunters Board -
for those of us that have the Black Lion Hunters Board in their home instance, the most profitable choice is more complicated than it seems at a quick glance. the drop rates are different per tier which makes the most expensive T6 option not always the most profitable choice overall.

Volatile Magic Shipment Containers -
the Domain of Istan farm is an acclaimed gold farm, but just how good is it to buy all those shipment containers with your hard earned volatile magic? this tool will help you compare all of the shipment containers' drops side by side.

Dhuum Timer -
running a Dhuum run and don't want to have to remember each callout? attending a Dhuum run and need a reminder of when certain mechanics trigger? line up the start of the timer with the start of this timer and it calls out when things happen during the fight so that you can focus on the fight while a robot calls everything out for you

TP Price Comparer -
search for any item in the game and compare it's price to any other item you search for. do note that some items are not sellable and will have a value of "N/A." the grey number below each value is the amount of that item are on the TP currently

Provisioner Token Helper -
lists the current cheapest provisioner items to buy off of the TP. select the ones you're interested in and copy the WP links so that all you need to do is buy the listed items and go to the places in your copy/pasted list. for those of us out there that don't mind making the items you can also click on the "open gw2efficiency.com" button to port the items over to gw2efficiency for the cheapest way to make the items or even use your own materials in the calculation

Material Upgrade Profits -
need to decide whether it's better to sell your materials or upgrade them to the next higher tier? why not just have a script do all that for you! with this tool you can find out how much of a gain or loss you'll make after upgading or refining some of your more commonly aquired materials. use the "Value Change" column to see the change in price you can expect from promoting or refining items that you already own, and the "Profit" column to see the raw profit/loss you can expect to make from buying and flipping these items off the Trading Post (with the use of your own spirit shards for mystic forge cases)